Thursday, November 19, 2009

Introduction to the Heppell Lab

We are a diverse group of ecologists and physiologists working on a variety of topics!  We hope this blog gives you a way to get to know us better.  Current research topics include work on:
  • larval quality in Pacific Ocean Perch
  • science and education surrounding marine reserves in Oregon
  • methods for improving stock assessment
  • rockfish recruitment in Oregon estuaries
  • rockfish conservation through cooperation with fishers
  • trophic ecology and ecosystem modelling of the Bering Sea
  • heat shock proteins as indicators of thermal stress in eastern Oregon streams
  • reproduction of lake trout in the Great Lakes
  • interactions between redband trout and mountain whitefish in the Crooked River
  • behavior and population trends of grouper in the Cayman Islands
  • using vertebral chemical composition to distinguishing natal origins of sharks and rays
  • nesting behavior and movements of sea turtles
  • understanding the consequences of invasion of Humbolt squid
In addition, members of the lab have been to interesting national and international meetings, have received a number of awards, and often find themselves on trips to new and exciting places associated with their research.

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